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We offer one-stop solution for you to maximize your ROI and revenue!

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In-house Offers with Localized Solution

● Low CPM in Southeast Asia

● Sky-high conversion rate

●  Scalability


What is Argyle Media?

Argyle Media owns a private Nutra cash on delivery affiliate program. We offer one-stop solution including accounts, cards, creative angle, money page, localization team and more, which help our selected partners scale to the moon!

What niches do Argyle Media focus on?

We focus on Nutra cash on delivery offers in Southeast Asia. As we tested over years and found Southeast Asia is the blue ocean market for us.

·Cheap-traffic:is as low as $5/CPM here while over $20/CPM in US or other Tier 1 countries. That means you could get at least 2~3X more eyeballs to get more conversions by spending same budget.

·Similar funnels to scale up but easier for using:You could easily copy your funnel in tier 1 and tier 2 to the new and large population market. You will find it works again which are already saturated in Tier1 and 2.

·High confirmation rate: our localization team ensure 70%+ confirmation rate, which is much higher than average rate in the market, leading you can really have higher EPC, ROI and become profitable!

My fb accounts get banned quickly, how can argyle media help on ?

Sure, we have fb account or card solution for you. For more details, please contact

In addition to it, our partner manager will share the winning creative angles and money pages to you. Free spy tool ($199/Mo.) is also available. Hence, you will get more balanced between conversion rate and account review.

Moreover, Ben and other veteran media buyers in the private group will share their suggestions on ways to keep accounts live longer.


How can I be partner of Argyle Media?

Please fill in the application form to let the partner manager know you better first!

If we are appropriate for both, your partner manager will contact you to send you invitation code for signing up our platform. If we perform well after testing, then you could be our partner and enjoy best private offers for SEA market.