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Case Study: Testing a Nutra COD Offer With 170%+++ ROI!

2020-05-28 16:00:00

Under the law of jungle, it’s a great honor to invite someone to share his/her case. The case below comes from an affiliate with rich experience running in Tier 1 BH, showing us his tested profitable Nutra COD case in Southeast Asia. It’s very worth reading. Hope you can gain a lot from it! 

Hey guys! I’ll just come up straight; I always prefer Nutra offers, because the customers of Nutra vertical have always been quite stable, so the market is big and promising. Also, the CPC of Southeast Asia is much lower compared with Tier1 countries (even only 1/10!). Moreover, the conversion rate of those offers is high (5% to 10%). I used to run US keto offers using fb traffic but the ROI turned out to be lower and lower: in a case, I spent around $500 and got only $550 back. As you can see, these offers are not as profitable as before nor it’s easy to promote under FB’s constantly changing policy. Furthermore, with the account daily $50 limit that we meet at the moment, how can we expect to get reference conversion data by just spending $50 during testing??? I’ m not satisfied with the situation and I have been searching for new opportunity. There was a chance that I saw Ben’s recommendation for Nutra COD offers in SEA market. Low CPM, good CTR and healthy ROI, which seems to deserve to have a try. 

My testing details:

Affiliate networkArgyle Media



Traffic source: Facebook

Period: 2020 May 19-21


Revenue: $1820

Profit: $1163.6

Confirmation rate:80%

ROI: 177%+

Geo & offer

My AM told me that E-commerce in SEA has been increasing fast but their way of payment is quite limited. Ways like mobile payment and credit card are not widely accepted. But in fact, they are willing to make the purchases. COD can perfectly fix the payment problem and build the bridge of trust.

Besides, AM sent me their internal data for reference. And I chose Indonesia to test as it has the highest CTR. 


The average CPC cost in ID is 62% lower than America, which made me more confident to start my ID offer testing journey.


First of all, I asked AM for prelanders. He also recommended creatives and angles.


For safety pages I chose the ones I usually use. Because ED vertical is super easy to get banned, I used cheap cookie accounts to test. The $50 daily limit of the account wouldn’t be a big problem for SEA’s CPM.

AM didn’t recommend specific targets. Instead, he asked me to open several ad sets in each account, targeting different audiences to compare the data. Then, remove the ones with poor CR performance.


I started to test when everything was ready. I submitted dozens of accounts with different creatives. Two of those were approved very quickly and it was not long before the view and click data came out. 

In the beginning, the CTR went well and we started getting conversions and the cost per conversion was lower to $1.2. The data of other ad sets came slower, but the total CTR was not bad.  

However, it’s too early to celebrate. When I checked the account after a while, I found the account get banned. I felt so frustrated and asked AM for help to see if he had any solutions. After knowing my circumstances, AM advised me to recheck the performance of different creatives, maybe the banned one was too aggressive to get ban. Therefore, I need to pay more attention to the balance when playing the game.

When playing FB game, do what it asks under its rules

I had no choice but keep following up other data. Most cost per conversion was within $5, so I removed several poor performance ad sets. For those good performance ones, I doubled the budget.



During the whole process, AM discussed with me about the data and performance, especially to suggest if the CTR of my creatives and landers is okay to test.

After using the creatives AM shared for a period, I found their performances turned to bad. It was probably because there were too many fellows involved in the test using same or similar creatives, so it is better to test more creatives made by myself. Then I used the spy tool sponsored by Argyle Media to find some creative angles and then tested them, the result turned out pretty good. I got more than 100 orders within 3-day test!



For Argyle Media’s invitation, I shared my test process. It’s not convenient to share more specific data because I am currently still running those campaigns.

During the cooperation, AM offers their exclusive tested offers, sharing reference data in SEA market as well as multiple local language LPs and creatives to me. It is very kind of him to help me in this new market.

FB’s policy is consistently changing. It’s difficult for me to make big money easily as before. The cost in tier 1 is too high and it’s hard to handle under the $50 daily limit.

Fortunately, Nutra COD in SEA offers me a choice which is a long-standing profitable chance to me. Especially the population of SEA is large and the costs are still controllable. Actually, there are not many difficulties to run offers here with my tier1 experience. You can get twice the result with half the effort if you have a professional AM behind you.  

Thanks for our affiliate’s sharing. Wanna know more about us?Talk with us for more opportunities!


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