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New Visa Rules Banging the Game

2020-04-15 18:03:50

New Visa Rules for Trial Subscription offers

Visa is about to roll out massive changes to their rules…To enable greater transparency, choice, and control for customers, from 18 April 2020 Visa is updating its rules related to transactions at merchants that offer free trials or introductory offers as part of an ongoing subscription service. It could have a drastic impact on affiliate marketing.

Over the last few years, there has been a surge in free trial and subscription offers, known as negative option billing, that automatically convert into monthly or annual subscriptions. A lot of merchants tend to bury all of the information surrounding the subscription in the fine print or in confusing language that the customer doesn’t understand. Visa has seen a drastic increase in chargebacks that they have no choice but to instate a new set of rules to curb the rise in chargebacks and customer confusion. 

These rules specifically target trial subscription programs, and I believe it’s gonna create a nightmare scenario in affiliate marketing.

For Affiliates, How Do We Better Prepare?

The coronavirus, the new visa rule, the stock market...what a blow?!

Damn it, can we restart the 2020? 

No question, we can’t. 

Since this is already the case, what we can do instead is get all our resources to work, follow the industry trends, and obey the advertising guidelines to ensure our campaigns are safe and able to run smoothly.. So, next, I'm going to analyze from “vertical” and “market”  two perspectives to see what we can do and what we should do as an affiliate.


As the coronavirus pandemic is rampaging global all over, everyone stays at home in self-quarantine. Which means people easily gain weight and are more likely to want to do something to improve their health.

Want to lose those holiday pounds? Weight loss pills!

Weight-loss pills are becoming more and more popular with each day, as they allow you to stay in shape without leaving the house. Send the right message to your audience to convince them to place an order here and now. Try to persuade your target audience that coronavirus doesn’t have to keep them from staying fit even if their local gym is temporarily closed. For example, “Quarantine period is the best time to lose weight..” or “Lose weight during quarantine…”

Likewise, these are also work:

Want to build muscles? Weight gain supplements!

Want to improve immunity? Nutritious supplements!

Want to have a better sexual life? Male enhancement!

Trust me, in almost every Nutra niche there is a strong connection to recovering from the holiday that’s why it is a perfect time to run Nutra offers...


As I mentioned, due to the Visa policy changes, trial/ subscriptions are the things we have to give up. We can see an opportunity in COD (cash on delivery),especially in South-east Asia. You may say European countries and the United States are currently affected by the outbreak, the logistics industry has not returned back to normal. BUT, the latest news came on April 14th, the logistics of Southeast Asia are gradually recovering!!! HK, TW, SG, MY, ID are open in an all-round way!

Therefore, focusing on the Southeast Asia market is what we should do! 

Go test it out!

Looking for competitive Nutra COD programs?

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Here are some of the top converting offers list:

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