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A greeting from Argyle Media!

2021-01-15 09:23:51

Operating by  Qi Zhong

Hope you, your family, and your team are staying safe!

In light of the continuous spread of COVID-19, citizens around the world have been asked or even obligated to #stayathome, which means everyone is spending a lot more time online. While it’s true that people are stuck at home and generate more online traffic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every niche and vertical is going to see increases...

This is a challenging period for all of us, and that now more than ever you can't afford to create campaigns that don't convert. We gathered some valuable tips, as well as pulled together some informative articles that can help you and your company during this challenging time.

Tips from our Team:

1. Google & Facebook is suppressing any ads that contain any terms relating to COVID-19 or coronavirus, regardless of if they are “approved” in the interface. This applies to keywords, ad copy, and creative. If you are running anything like this, be on the lookout for 0 volume.

2. Pause any ads that go against the protocol of social distancing (i.e. an ad that showed a stock image of people shaking hands returned a slew of negative comments).

3. Focus on CRO if you are reducing media spend. Test variations of site pages with high organic traffic or try new copy and creatives for ads and landing pages.

4. People are locked at home, and very much likely, they are bored. So our primary focus is entertainment. Your ads should look amusing and fun to read.

5. Focus on Game/ Sweepstakes/online dating, these should be the great niches, they are not easy to be restricted at this time.

6. Should you talk about Coronavirus in your ads? Although many affiliates use this approach (read about shocking content here), be careful as some users try to distance from negative thoughts.

Stay home, stay productive!

Argyle Media