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2020-02-16 00:00:00

Nutra is killing it!

There are dozens of industries and sub-categories that affiliates operate in, but not many receive as much attention as nutra vertical. 90% of super affiliates made huge profits by pushing Nutra offers.The nutra vertical can be challenging to dominate, but it still has the potential to become a great source of income for savvy affiliates.


Speaking of Nutra vertical, Nutra stands for various health and beauty products and includes dietary supplements, male enhancement medicines, weight loss pills, CBD products, nootropics and so on. I mean, you have to know that Nutra is one of the broadest, most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing and there are a lot of users who are looking for this kind of product and there’s a lot of money to be made!

We all know nutra products are widespread in the US and Europe these years, these GEOs are characterized by HIGH COMPETITION, which makes many people avoid NUTRA. But it was history. With the development in Southeast Asia, cash on delivery(COD) now has made southeast Asia another emerging market. You know, compared to Tier-1 GEOs, the traffic in Southeast Aisa only $5/ CPM, which means almost FREE.

NUTRA COD offers in SEA market are definitely seeing a huge growth! 

Pay attention to the COD model in Southeast Asia 

· How does it work

Users submit their data, and then a call center agent contacts them to confirm the order and the product gets shipped. Payment is made upon delivery. 

· The reason why Southeast Asian prefer this model

There are two major factors that contribute to the preference for Southeast Asian paying via COD:

1. Lack of Trust in Online Transactions

2.The low penetration rate of credit cards


Cash on Delivery(COD) now is one of the most popular payment options in Southeast Asian countries,  which turned out to be the biggest part of the online shopping market of Southeast Asia so far.This opens a huge opportunity for anyone who’s willing to work with these GEOs!

Tips on running Nutra COD offers

1.Work with an offer where the confirmation rate is solid (more than 50%) because confirmation rate is what determines how much an affiliate gets paid.

2.Make sure the advertiser has a really solid local customer support team in the countries that you're promoting because customer support team is what determines whether the offer can convert well or not (usually pay out is based on confirmation).

3.Localize your content/materials in the local language - including the people used in your testimonials. Eg. In Malaysia targeting Malay, use Malay people with Malay names instead of English man names.

4.Don't overthink too much and try to reinvent the wheel. Whatever is working in the US/EU can be port over and use directly. Including angles/ways of promoting.

5.Hope these tips above could help you polish your nutra campaign and set yourself up for success. Rock the Affiliate Marketing industry with Argyle Media now!

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