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About Argyle Media

Hi, this is Ben, a veteran affiliate who has struggled with traffic for over 10 years, an affiliate master who has achieved over $100 million in revenue. Also a speaker, a coach, and the founder of Argyle Media.

I’ve tried a lot of niche in the past 10 years, from dating, sweepstakes, CPI to Nutra, and has covered almost all kinds of traffic sources, from PPC, Native to today's Facebook.

I have helped many companies and witnessed their success in the past 10 years. Also, It was a pity to see a lot of friends left the industry. Then I have been thinking what exactly the core competitiveness is in Affiliate Marketing.


My answer is sharing and keep adjusting to follow the trend. Therefore, I found Argyle Media, a private cod Nutra platform for media buyers in blue ocean market: South East Asia.

Due to the payment terminal issue and EPC issue in European and American markets, the market investment returns have fallen dramatically. As you know, I am a Malaysian, and Southeast Asia also has a huge market that is no less than Europe and the United States. I started testing in Southeast Asia. Now the data is very impressive. Although the ROI is not as crazy as the golden age, the returns over 50% are stable in the long term. Moreover, we have also got support from some service providers such as ads spy tool, cloak, etc., which is a great help to our team. Most importantly, we have the best local supply chain partners to prepare sufficient goods for us at any time! Grateful for all of these, we still stood strong even in the difficult 2019.

However, as an affiliate, I still have a deep concern, fearing that more uncontrollable situations will arise. So I need do something to change, to help the market growth healthily! I sincerely want to integrate all the resources and share them with the affiliates who are truly confident in affiliate marketing.

We want to build a unique affiliate social circle. As long as you have unlimited enthusiasm for affiliate marketing like me, and you have unique experience in the field, and you are willing to share. WE WANT YOU!



You can contact us at any time.